Cloud 8

The Business

Cloud8 is a white-label SaaS platform that enables Employee Benefit Consultancy businesses, financial risk management advisers and insurers of all sizes to deliver a technology-led solution, improving engagement and bringing efficiencies to its clients.

The Deal

Cloud8 was established by Ian Rummels, CEO and founder of Chiltern investment PES, to respond to increasing demand for a cost-effective technology platform that allows customers to deliver employee benefit services to their clients.

Chiltern has provided the capital required for the initial investment round to expediate the development of Cloud8’s proprietary platform, take advantage of significant sales opportunities and support the management team in providing best-in-class customer service to new clients.

“I am very pleased to be working with Chiltern, as we capitalise on our unique position in the market to build Cloud8 into a platform that delivers a high-quality SaaS solution to a wide range of blue-chip customers.”

Ian Rummels, CEO

The Plan

Cloud8 offers a fit-for-purpose, simple and cost-effective product to a market where there is limited competition. Through the onboarding and growth of clients, further development of the proprietary platform and controlled expansion of its operations, Cloud8 will be well placed to prosper for many years.

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