We are committed investment partners. We invest to build and do all we can to help create shareholder value.

Our lines of communication are short: we move quickly and decisively.

We offer practical support to develop your business and implement long-term growth plans.

  • We have considerable experience delivering transactions in complex situations including succession planning, carve-outs and divestments
  • We recognise that entrepreneurial leaders need support and will work to develop management capability for sustainable growth and succession planning across all key company functions
  • We deliver flexible financial structures that support growth and investment to achieve strategic objectives
  • We are active investors and collaborate with our management teams to accelerate revenue and margin growth focusing on the highest impact initiatives
  • We actively support platform investments where growth can be accelerated through strategic M&A or acceleration of roll-out growth
  • We help plan for exit by working with you to identify key value drivers and ensuring that the business achieves these with pace and precision

"In Chiltern we have found a hugely supportive investor as they understand the challenges faced by growing, entrepreneurial companies. Working together,they have brought much needed clarity and the business is better for it." Ian Rummels, CEO, PES

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